Blue Raiders Place 77 on CUSA Commissioner’s Academic Medal List

Commissioner's Academic Medal list

DALLAS – A total of 806 student-athletes have been named Commissioner’s Academic Medal winners during the 2023-24 academic year, Commissioner Judy MacLeod announced Wednesday. MTSU had 77 named to the prestigious list.

Student-athletes named to the Commissioner’s Academic Medal maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or better.

The following is a complete list of the Commissioner’s Academic Medal winners from MTSU:

  First Name       Last Name                         Sport                                    School

Braxton Crouse Football MTSU
Kelley Francis Football MTSU
ZaBrien Harden Football MTSU
Markel James Football MTSU
Chris Johnson Football MTSU
Wilson Kelly Football MTSU
Tucker Reece Football MTSU
Isaac Rue Football MTSU
Trey Turk Football MTSU
Justin Gnlin-Goldstein Baseball MTSU
Will Jenkins Baseball MTSU
Turner Junkins Baseball MTSU
Colin Kerrigan Baseball MTSU
Kato Sato Baseball MTSU
Eston Snider Baseball MTSU
Jared Vetetoe Baseball MTSU
Cale Vinson Baseball MTSU
Jalen Wirtz Baseball MTSU
Gracie Dodgen Women’s Basketball MTSU
Dora Van Rijs Women’s Basketball MTSU
Rutuja Chaphalkar Women’s Tennis MTSU
Sana Garakani Women’s Tennis MTSU
Lena Peyer Women’s Tennis MTSU
Hrudaya Shah Women’s Tennis MTSU
Alessia Truden Women’s Tennis MTSU
Savannah Behabetz Softball MTSU
Kamryn Carcich Softball MTSU
Jesyne Espinal Softball MTSU
Ashlee Jacoway Softball MTSU
Lexi Medlock Softball MTSU
Keri Munn Softball MTSU
Claire Woods Softball MTSU
Karim Al-Amin Men’s Tennis MTSU
Kristian Thomas Men’s Tennis MTSU
Kevin Jegers Men’s Golf MTSU
Luke Perkins Men’s Golf MTSU
Molly Bebelaar Women’s Golf MTSU
Jillian Bowman Women’s Golf MTSU
Abbie Lee Women’s Golf MTSU
Kendall Maynard Women’s Golf MTSU
Faith Adje Women’s Soccer MTSU
Dylan Barnes Women’s Soccer MTSU
Calais Butts Women’s Soccer MTSU
Eleanor Gough Women’s Soccer MTSU
Idun Kvaale Women’s Soccer MTSU
Manon Lebargy Women’s Soccer MTSU
Emily McGrain Women’s Soccer MTSU
Hannah Murphy Women’s Soccer MTSU
Sascha Nielsen Women’s Soccer MTSU
Jessica Oliveras Women’s Soccer MTSU
Olivia Ouzounidis Women’s Soccer MTSU
Emma Pettersen Women’s Soccer MTSU
Jackie Reilly Women’s Soccer MTSU
Ruby Ryan Women’s Soccer MTSU
Elizabeth Slavinsky Women’s Soccer MTSU
Lauren Spaanstra Women’s Soccer MTSU
Sadie Sterbenz Women’s Soccer MTSU
Hannah Suder Women’s Soccer MTSU
Yana Yordanova Women’s Soccer MTSU
Chen Abramovich Women’s Volleyball MTSU
Allison Bedrick Women’s Volleyball MTSU
Taylor Eisert Women’s Volleyball MTSU
Trae McCutchan Women’s Volleyball MTSU
Kaylee Oscarson Women’s Volleyball MTSU
Ariana Flippen Women’s Track & Field/CC MTSU
Hailee Gorham Women’s Track & Field/CC MTSU
Anaiya Midget Women’s Track & Field/CC MTSU
Laila Rudolph Women’s Track & Field/CC MTSU
Viktoria  Rusnakova Women’s Track & Field/CC MTSU
Purity Sanga Women’s Track & Field/CC MTSU
Brooke Studnicki Women’s Track & Field/CC MTSU
Sara Tompkins Women’s Track & Field/CC MTSU
Eleanor Towe Women’s Track & Field/CC MTSU
Lyn’Nikka Vance Women’s Track & Field/CC MTSU
Simon Cooksey Men’s Track & Field/CC MTSU
Benjamin Jones Men’s Track & Field/CC MTSU
Juan Lucas Men’s Track & Field/CC MTSU

Source: MTSU
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