Cheatham County Sheriff’s Report for August 5

From Cheatham County Sheriff's Office

From Cheatham County Sheriff Facebook
From Cheatham County Sheriff Facebook

This is the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Report for August 5, 2022, provided by the Sheriff’s Office.


My first post was on September 1st, 2014 and so this journey with you began. Four final reports to go and I would like to re-post some of my favorites. Not necessarily always funny but poignant, informative and a way to connect your sheriff to you and the happenings of the week.
Hope you enjoy this journey down memory lane…

December, 2014-
“It’s been a relatively quiet week so far and we hope it stays that way through Christmas. I was discussing different cases with the District Attorney this week and I am happy to say we have our TOP FIVE SUSPECTED BURGLARS resting uncomfortably in our jail. Our Drug Agents have found more heroin in our county and are relentless in their pursuit of these dealers. Sellers and buyers beware.”

When I came into office, we got together and identified the top Cheatham criminals who had outstanding warrants and needed to be jailed quickly. A shock and awe operation was put in place and criminals were subsequently apprehended by your deputies.

One humorous moment came when a very wily and wanted man was finally nabbed in a Sudden Service Market. While being booked, his buddy was in a nearby cell and asked him how they got him. The caught desperado replied. “That damn internet man!”
-The positive part of social media.

June, 2015-
“We get calls for the most bizarre requests. Whether it’s a pack of chihuahuas chastising citizens in Cheap Hill or a perturbed possum peeing on a porch in Pegram, tonight, your brave deputy captured a frisky, frolicking, snake. (You thought i was going to say puppy)”

“The suspected snake, who would only identify himself as “Sis,” blocked a resident from entering their adobe. The snake, which measured over four feet long, was subdued by the deputy and placed in a mossy, green wooded area where it was ordered to “ceeeeeease” any further slithery behavior.”

February 2016-
“The wreck happened so suddenly, so fast, that no one saw him rolling down the dark hillside. He didn’t see it coming either. Crashing has a way of putting one’s life in perspective, only if surviving is the surprise gift you get to wake for.”

“His lights went out, consciousness in and out on that dark, early morning. As dawn’s light kissed its favorite day, Sunday church goers happily traveled by. Patrons visited a store near his hidden car. Conversations and laughter exchanged while he continued his silent drive down a semi-conscious highway.”

“His body told him seven hours was long enough and those crusted, bloodshot eyes slowly opened. Noontime’s sun finally allowed accidental discoverers down to his upside down state of being. He was Sunday’s chosen one. After his long duration, he was pulled out and treated by the EMS and on scene saviors.”

First Responders all across our nation make us so proud. The few who sign up, save you, no matter how difficult, shocking or emotionally draining. I’m just glad they’re among us.

8/5/2022: FRIDAY NIGHT’S NOTICE: Deputies are conducting a saturation in different areas tonight. Those who are out drinking or carousing with imbeciles, may see blue lights behind them.

Have a great and safe weekend, good people of the kingdom.


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