Dog Days of Summer at the Market


Bring your best friend to the Ashland City Farmers and Artisans Market on July 31st from 4 – 7 pm. Representatives from the Cheatham City Dog Park Pack will be at the market to share knowledge of how to introduce your dog to a public park. All dogs must be on leash and owners must clean up accidents.
The market is a great place to visit with your best friend — but there are certain rules of etiquette and safety that will help make the outing a success.
Keep your dog up-to-date on vaccines. Make sure your dog is current on all of his vaccines, including Bordetella (kennel cough) and other vaccines that protect against airborne illnesses. You don’t know what other dogs may be carrying, so if a dog is infected, it could infect yours.
Make sure your dog has identification. Markets are busy locations with crowds and lots of commotion. Before heading out for the day, make sure your dog has proper identification on him in the form of an ID tag or microchip. Don’t forget to keep these items up to date with your current address or phone number. It’s also a good idea to carry a current photo of your dog in your purse or wallet in the event that your dog gets lost or goes missing.
The most important thing to bring with you to the farmer’s market is a dog leash, which will ensure your dog stays close. Do not use a retractable leash, which can accidentally extend and potentially cause a disaster. Take a standard, 6-foot, flat leash.
Other things to take along in a doggy preparedness bag include:
Poop bags. Cleaning up is just part of the pet parenting job, and having bags on hand will prevent you from receiving a fine for not picking up your dog’s waste.
Collapsible bowl and water bottle. Your dog may get thirsty and while some vendors may provide communal bowls, it’s better to be prepared with your own.
Treats. Your dog will be tempted with all kinds of treats and distractions all day long, so you should have particularly tasty treats on hand.
Be aware of who is approaching your dog at all times.

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