Dolly Spotted Antique Shopping in Middle Tennessee

dolly parton antique shopping middle tennessee

The leading lady of country music was spotted antique shopping in Middle Tennessee last week.

She shopped at Simply Vintage Antiques, located at 13751 Lebanon Road in the Mt Juliet/Old Hickory area and at Three French Hens,  located at 7356 Nolensville Road in Nolensville. Both of the antique shops shared the news on social media. From left to right, the above photo shows Dolly at Three French Hens (photo from Stacey Harris Fish) and Simply Vintage Antiques (photo from Facebook).

“She just loves vintage. I am just so humbled that as a person that could shop anywhere in the world she wants that she will support small local businesses. Just another testimony to her character,” Stacy Harris Fish, owner of Three French Hens told our sister site

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