East Cheatham Elementary School Reopens After Potential Gas Leak Investigation

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East Cheatham Elementary School reopened on Monday, January 23 after local officials investigated a gas smell.

The school closed early on Thursday, January 19 and remained closed on Friday, January 20. The Cheatham County School District worked with the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department (PVVFD) and representatives from AmeriGas and Trane to assess the smell of gas at the school. Prior to the school’s closure, the PVVFD responded to the school four times in the past week, including Thursday, Jan. 19, and has done a thorough investigation each time, the Cheatham County School District posted on social media.

Amerigas and Trane has assured the school district that the situation has been addressed and corrected. Over the weekend, the school maintenance department continued to monitor the school.

The Cheatham County School Districted shared, via social media, letters from AmeriGas and Trane.

A Trane technician explained in their letter that the school’s propane tank had run low and, ultimately, this can lead to the smell of gas. You can read their full explanation in the letter below. AmeriGas then responded to the school due to their tank being out of gas. AmeriGas performed a standard leak check to confirm no leaks. AmeriGas was able to confirm there were no gas leaks before restoring service.


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