Jack Arnold of Arnold’s Kitchen Has Died

photo by Donna Vissman

Jack Arnold, the co-founder of Arnold’s Kitchen, has died. He was 86 years old.

On the Arnold’s Kitchen Facebook page, they shared the news stating, “Jack Arnold (1937-2023), founder of Arnold’s Country Kitchen, passed away yesterday morning.”

Arnold who worked for Lynn Chandler, owner of Elliston Soda Shop and Sylvan Park restaurant, purchased one of Chandler’s properties on 8th Avenue, Nashville.

That would become Arnold’s Country Kitchen, a place known for its meat and three.

“It might have been the best reality show in town, watching his kids grow up behind the steam table while Rose manned the register and Jack carved up heaping helpings of his trademark roast beef. If you were lucky, he might pause the line, lean past the heat lamp and tell you a ribald joke.” stated the message on Facebook.

Jack Arnold is survived by his wife Rose, 9 children, and a whole mess of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Arnold’s Country Kitchen closed in January 2023.

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