Lady Vols Basketball Ink Transfer Rapuluchi Ayodele


June 18, 2024 – Tennessee women’s basketball head coach Kim Caldwell dropped some exciting news on Tuesday. The Lady Vols have secured a powerhouse player in transfer Rapuluchi Ayodele (pronounced rap-uh-LOO-chee EYE-oh-dell), thanks to an SEC Grant-in-Aid (GIA) and Institutional Financial Aid Agreement (IFAA).

Ayodele, a 6-foot-1 forward, made waves last season at Pitt, playing in all 32 games and starting 15. Hailing from Móstoles (MOST-oh-less), Spain, and a proud graduate of IES Manuela Malasaña (MON-well-uh mall-uh-SAWN-yuh) High School, she’s set to bring her talent and experience to the Lady Vols as a fifth-year player for the 2024-25 season.

This move marks a significant step for first-year head coach Kim Caldwell, who has now successfully brought five top-tier players through the transfer portal. Ayodele will be joining a stellar lineup that includes:

  • Alyssa Latham: 6-2 sophomore forward from Syracuse
  • Lazaria Spearman: 6-4 junior forward from Miami (pronounced luh-Zarr-ee-uh)
  • Samara Spencer: 5-7 senior guard from Arkansas (pronounced suh-MARE-uh)
  • Ruby Whitehorn: 5-11 junior guard from Clemson

With this impressive roster, the Lady Vols are gearing up for an electrifying season ahead!

Source: UT Sports
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