Luyben Hills Road Construction Update


Multimodal Sidewalk Project Questions and Answers

As of November 15, 2022

Why is the sidewalk so wide on one side of the road?

This sidewalk project is being built with the help of a TDOT Multimodal Project Grant. A Multimodal project is designed for different modes of transportation to use the same system, so the sidewalk is wide to allow for multiple types of users (walking, cycling, etc.).

Why is the project taking so long?

It might seem like constructing the sidewalks is taking longer than expected but the project is actually very close to schedule. There were delays in the project due to moving utilities that put the project a few weeks behind schedule but those have been cleared and the project is in the final stages.

What were the project delays?

You may have noticed that Dickson Electric installed new, larger, silver poles in the area to carry their electric lines. This left the smaller, older wooden poles carrying the other lined utilities (telephone, cable). The Town worked with Dickson Electric and these other utilities to move their lines onto the newer poles so that the older poles could be removed from the street to provide a cleaner, neater appearance to the area. Movement of these lines took a little longer than anticipated but being able to remove the older poles was worth the short wait.

Why are the tearing up sidewalk that had already been poured?

This is only happening in a couple of areas on the project – most noticeably in front of the Post Office. The sidewalks are being built to be ADA compliant, and once this section was poured it was determined the elevations on the plan set for this section were not correct and the slope on this stretch of sidewalk was greater than it should have been. Because of this a section of sidewalk was removed, the grade altered to be ADA compliant, and a new section will be poured soon.

Did this change cost the Town anything?

It did not.

Will the sidewalk be connected to existing sidewalk in front of Sonic?

Yes, the new sidewalk will connect to the existing sidewalk on the east side of the road at the intersection of Luyben Hills Road and East Kingston Springs Road in front of Sonic. This is one of the last phases of the project.

When will the project be finished?

The contactor is in the final stages of the project and should be completed by the middle of December.

There have been several questions and requests for information regarding the Multimodal Sidewalk Project on Luyben Hills Road. Please refer to the link HERE for more specific information on the most common questions received.  Please also feel free to call Kingston Springs City Hall at 615-952-2110 ext.8 if you would like additional information.


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