Middle TN High School Football Game of the Week: Lebanon Blue Devils vs Antioch Bears – Game Recap


Middle Tennessee High School Football – Game of the Week – Week 1
Lebanon Blue Devils vs Antioch Bears

Lebanon’s entrance to the field was through a sign that read “Your School Your Field Our Game.” It was in fact their game, and they made that apparent early and often starting with senior WR/FS Anthony Crowell running the opening kickoff back for a touchdown and a team effort blocked punt returned for a touchdown. Crowell, who is our MVP for the game, also scored a rushing touchdown, a receiving touchdown, and recorded a pick six all in the first quarter making it 35-0 going into the second.

Lebanon vs Antioch

Lebanon’s first drive of the second quarter was led by junior RB Sean Heath who capped off the drive with a two-yard run for Lebanon. Antioch responded well however by crossing the 50-yard line for the first time in the game and then scoring a touchdown on a beautiful 45-yard pass. The score would remain 42-7 going into halftime.

Blue Devils celebrating with their band
Blue Devils celebrating with their band

Lebanon’s band brought the energy from the away sideline and their fans traveled well to support the Blue Devils. They were rewarded as Lebanon continued its dominance throughout the rest of the game, suffocating any momentum the Bears could scrounge together.

One play in particular, on a Lebanon punt, the snapper sent the ball spiraling over the punter’s head and into the endzone. (Good break for Antioch) However, the ball stopped inches short of going out of the back of the endzone for a safety. (Bad break for Antioch) Then, punter Cameron Nixon made a great play by checking behind him while running to the ball to see that he had enough time to try to do something with it. He then picked up the ball, turned, and managed to punt it cleanly to about mid-field. (Terrible break for Antioch)

It went about that way for Antioch all night. They couldn’t get anything to go their way as Lebanon’s experience and talent was just too much for them. There were a couple of deep balls that Antioch missed that could’ve kept them in the game early. One of these weeks those are going to connect, and we may see a completely different Bears team.

Crowell (bottom) celebrates with teammates after win
Crowell (bottom) celebrates with teammates after win

Our MVP for the game is undoubtedly Mr. Anthony Crowell. I caught up with Anthony after the game and this is what he had to say about his jaw dropping performance:

“I liked how I performed. I was planning on coming out here tonight and getting to at least four, five touchdowns and I ended up with four, so I’m pretty happy with how my night went.”

That’s a pretty good plan if you ask me. What’s not to be happy about for Crowell who fueled his team with four touchdowns coming in all three phases of the game, all in the first quarter, to a 49-14 Lebanon victory.

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