Reba McEntire Rescued From Oklahoma Building When Staircase Collapsed

photo from Reba McEntire Facebook

Country artist Reba McEntire was visiting a historic building in Oklahoma on Tuesday when the staircase collapsed. Firefighters responded to the building to rescue Reba and six others from the second floor.

In a social media post, Reba shared, “While my team and I were in Atoka, OK yesterday checking out an old historical building, a staircase collapsed. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. We were safely evacuated from the building thanks to the quick response from the Atoka fire and police departments.”

A video was posted to Twitter from Lisanne Anderson of KTEN showing Reba’s rescue from the building.  Anderson stated, “Close call for @reba in Atoka, Oklahoma Tuesday (9/14/21) Sure glad she and boyfriend Rex Linn are ok! While touring an old building, a staircase collapsed. They were among seven people inside. Atoka’s finest came to the rescue. No one hurt, just some bumps and bruises.”

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