Tropical Storm Nicholas causing Troubles for Texas


Over the past 48 hours, Tropical Storm Nicholas has been inching closer to Texas. The storm formed in the Gulf several days ago and now brings the potential for heavy bands of rainfall and severe storm surge.

It is expected to make landfall in southern Texas right where Corpus Christi lies. Heavy rainfall will impact the area and the National Hurricane Center (NHC) predicts the storm will continue to move up the eastern side of Texas and will even make a heavy impact on Houston.

Nicholas is expected to make complete landfall on Tuesday during the early afternoon hours, but will hit Corpus Christi and Houston throughout today and heading into the evening. Louisiana will also be affected by the storm around late Tuesday, early Wednesday.

Mentioned in the Key Messages section of NHC, the residents of any area that is potentially being impacted should take precautions and follow any guidelines and instructions given by officials in their area.

We will continue to provide updates on this storm as it makes landfall. For more information, visit the National Hurricane Center’s website here.

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