Unleash the Full Potential of Video Streaming Services with Fiber Internet


The convenience of on-demand video streaming and the popularity of “binge-worthy” shows have created a thriving streaming services industry that grows steadily every year. Americans love the ability to watch their favorite shows on their schedule with all their favorite content available in one place.

The key ingredient to successful video streaming is an internet provider with a fast, reliable connection. There’s nothing worse than a show buffering in the middle of a pivotal scene or trying to watch with lagging sound. Fiber internet is the best choice for a fast connection and smooth streaming.

Learn more about how fiber internet brings out the best in 4K video streaming:

On-demand streaming options are growing.

More than 200 streaming services are currently delivering video content to American households, a nearly 12% increase from the businesses in 2022. The industry is constantly growing, with approximately 85% of households using at least one video streaming service and most subscribing to an average of four. Every week of February 2022, Americans consumed 169.4 billion minutes of video content, a number that continues to grow. Make the most of your favorite type of TV by ensuring your internet connection can support the highest quality video display by upgrading to fiber internet.

Streaming content requires a fast connection.

Video streaming in 4K requires a simultaneous download and upload of data. Unlike cable connections, fiber connections have equal download and upload speeds, ensuring you receive the clearest video quality with every streaming session. Fiber internet also provides the fastest connection and highest bandwidth of any internet service connection, allowing you to process streaming content seamlessly. Never miss a moment with buffering and stalling on slower internet connections.

Fiber internet is the most reliable connection.

The second most important feature of video streaming is a reliable connection. The fastest connection in the world won’t do much good if the internet isn’t consistently delivering the promised speed you need for high-quality video displays. Fiber internet eliminates the need for electrical equipment that could fail or slow the connection. Instead, fiber-to-home internet connections are the best for streaming as they link straight into your home. You’ll get the most out of your HD smart TV screen with fast, reliable fiber internet that never degrades picture quality with a slow connection or low bandwidth.

Unleash the full potential of streaming with United Communications Fiber Internet.

As a top internet service provider, United Communications is at the forefront of the industry, bringing high-speed internet options throughout Middle Tennessee. Even rural areas previously limited to connections like DSL or cable are upgrading to the best high-speed internet options through United Communications and initiatives like Project UNITE.

Never miss a moment of your favorite show with a fiber internet connection from United Communications. Featuring the fastest internet available with multi-gig bandwidth, a consistently reliable network, and a rapidly expanding coverage area, it’s clear why United Communications is a leader in providing fiber-to-home connections.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our reviews speak for themselves! Customers consistently rate United Communications highly for customer service and experience. Check our service area for availability and upgrade to fiber internet today!

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