Art League of Cheatham County Announces October Featured Artists & Exhibitions

art league of cheatham county

The Art League of Cheatham County: October featured Artists and exhibitions.

1Heather Wolfe

Featured at Sycamore Square Gov’t Center lobby for the month of October. She uses a classic black and white pallet and other elements to create a unity between organic shape, texture, and space with various elements produced by human design. As a daughter of an artist, Heather was exposed to fine art at an early age creating a lifelong passion for the arts. She received her education in fine and digital arts from Austin Peay State University’s College of Art and Design. Wolfe’s primary focus across all of her pieces is to evoke an emotional response from the viewer. While her various works cover several mediums, Wolfe’s first love is charcoal and the tactile nature of manipulating the medium.

2Lesley Floyd

Lesley is the October featured artist at Flytes Brewhouse in Pleasant View Village. Lesley is an attorney in Springfield who has a passion for art. She began her artistic journey with pencil and charcoal portraits before transitioning to a more colorful world based in acrylic and digital paint.

3Teresa Griffin

Teresa is the October featured artist at The Coach House in Pleasant View. Teresa has been painting for over 30 years, using all mediums and foundations, and is best known for her gallery paintings. Teresa favors acrylic and watercolor on canvas, but has painted many murals for homes and churches. Teresa was commissioned to paint Xena by CBS for the 25th Year Anniversary for the movie Xena Warrior Princess. The painting now resides in Australia.

4Carla-Christina Contreras

Featured at Legends Bank lobby in Pleasant View, began her artistic career as an actor at the age of 3, selling Barbie Dolls & Tootsie Rolls. From eleven to sixteen she worked on the TV series ‘The Waltons”. She is the author of Clint the Black Cat®, a children’s book and created a curriculum for K- 4th grade in Nashville so students could create the drawings for her book to help fundraise for the arts in elementary schools in Middle Tennessee. Her most celebrated fine art series, “Angels Among Us” are in mixed media and photography, each one handmade uniquely pieced and designed with one of Carla-Christiana’s angelic photographs. During the pandemic, she began a ‘dutch pour’ method of painting that she calls “Unicorn BARF” (Beautiful Artistic Radiant Flow).

Sonja Beck is currently the continuing featured artist at Street Coffee in Pleasant View Village.


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