Blood Assurance In Urgent Need Of Whole Blood And Plasma


Blood Assurance is in urgent need of whole blood and plasma donations. The non-profit has low levels of O-negative blood, A-negative blood, and type A plasma.

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. requires a blood transfusion. Donations are vital in keeping people healthy, but donation rates have plummeted over the years creating shortages. Blood Assurance is the main provider for Williamson Medical Center, so your donation makes a direct impact on your community. One donation can save up to three lives.

“Each donor has the power to be a lifeline to someone in need,” said Dr. Liz Culler, the president and CEO of Blood Assurance. “Every day, patients are fighting against illness and injury, and their survival depends on donations. Blood cannot be created in a lab. There are no substitutions. That’s why it’s critical that those who can donate do donate.”

O-negative blood is often referred to as the “universal” blood type, because anyone can receive it. This makes type O-negative blood crucial in emergency situations when a recipient’s blood type is unknown, but only about 7% of the population has type O-negative blood. That is why Blood Assurance is calling on all type O-negative community members to give if they are able.

Plasma is the liquid portion of blood that contains important components like antibodies, clotting factors, and proteins. For many patients with certain rare diseases, plasma-based therapies are their only treatment options. Plasma is also given to trauma patients and burn victims. It helps with blood clotting and it boosts blood volume, which can prevent and treat shock.

To schedule an appointment, please visit, call 800-962-0628, or text BAGIVE to 999777.

To be eligible to donate blood or plasma, you must be at least 17 years old (16 years old with parental consent), weigh 110 pounds or more and be in good health. Donors are asked to drink plenty of fluids — avoiding caffeine — and eat a meal that is rich in iron prior to donating.

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