Build the Ultimate Backyard Oasis With Custom-Designed Features


When you design your outdoor space with a premier pool builder at the top of the industry, you gain access to the best elements and features available. Nearly anything you can dream up for your backyard oasis can be brought to life with the superior building capabilities of a pool construction company like Peek Pools and Spas.

From water features to fire elements to entire outdoor living spaces, Peek Pools can extend the livable square footage of your home with truly special details in your custom-designed backyard paradise. Explore all the options that you can include with a top-of-the-line builder like Peek Pools:

Water Features

Natural Pools 

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Natural pools and spas are inspired by Mother Nature and incorporate beautiful waterfalls, rock walls, and walk-in beach entries that mimic the natural environment. Create a landscape reminiscent of the ocean or a lake scene with organic shapes and colors, natural rocks (like river rocks), and integrated greenery. These pools tend to have flowing water with waterfalls or streams, immersing you in relaxing sounds. 

Water Slides

Put the party in “pool party” by including a slide in your custom pool design with Peek Pools! You might think the slide is just for the kids, but guests of all ages will love the thrill of a water slide. A wide variety of slide styles is available, with plenty of twists and turns for endless hours of enjoyment. 

Vanishing Edge Pools

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These elegant, modern pools appear to reach the horizon, extending infinitely. Also called infinity pools, negative edge, zero edge, or disappearing edge, pools with a vanishing edge trick the eye into believing the water disappears into the sky. If you have a scenic location on a hilltop, a stunning city skyline, or a great view of a lake or forest, then the vanishing edge makes for a breathtaking design in your backyard oasis. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Kitchen and Grill

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Our custom-designed outdoor living spaces aren’t your average grill setup. With impeccable details like beautiful countertops, ample preparation space, a spot for a TV, incorporated seating, and a built-in grill, you’ll never have to step foot inside the house when planning your pool day.

Build a Bar

What takes your outdoor kitchen to the next level? An outdoor bar! Your family and friends will flock to your home for all-day entertainment once you include a bar as part of your backyard design. For a truly unique approach, plan for a swim-up bar! You’ll never need to leave the pool to top off a drink or hydrate – everything is right within swimming reach.

Fire Pit and Fire Features

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Adding fire features like a fire pit or fireplace to your design plan ensures you can use your outdoor living space year-round! With a fire pit and conversation area, you’ll have a natural gathering space throughout the seasons for toasting s’mores, cuddling up, and enjoying time together. In addition to these larger fire elements, light up your backyard with lanterns, torches, or fire bowls for beautiful, decorative details that provide a warm backdrop to the outdoors.

Extend Your Living Space with a Backyard Oasis Designed by Peek Pools and Spas

With Peek Pools and Spas, you can incorporate truly special details into your pool and outdoor living spaces for an extension of your home that feels like paradise. Whether you’re looking for a natural pool referencing an organic landscape or a formal lap pool, there are no limits to creating your dream outdoor space. 

Get started with Peek Pools today by reaching out online or calling (615) 866-8800!

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