Cheatham Co. School Bus Route Cancelled Due to Staffing Issues


Due to staffing issues, bus route 53/21 with Cheatham County Schools will not be able to run Tuesday, Sept. 5 and Wednesday, Sept. 6.

It will resume service on Thursday, Sept. 7.

Students who ride this route and attend Pleasant View Elementary School, Sycamore Middle School and Sycamore High School are affected.

The following roads are affected: Patricia Drive, Randy Road, Randy Court, Joyce Circle, 1749 Highway 49, Triangle Road, Chamberlain Road, Goodsprings Road, Mt Zion Road, Richland Court, Richland Trail Road, Bradley Bend subdivision, Woodson Road, Williams Drive, Pleasant View Main Street, Ellis Drive, Spangler Way and Eagle Way.

Families will need to arrange other means of transportation to get their child(ren) to and from school both in the morning and afternoon on Tuesday, Sept. 5 and Wednesday, Sept. 6.

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