Cheatham County Sheriff’s Report for August 19

From Cheatham County Sheriff's Office

From Cheatham County Sheriff Facebook
From Cheatham County Sheriff Facebook

This is the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Report for August 19, 2022, provided by the Sheriff’s Office.


Getting closer to passing the torch. Cheatham will be in good hands with Sheriff-Elect Tim Binkley taking the helm. Our safety continues because of your support for Tim along with the men and women who have signed up to continue serving you. Tim finished one week of sheriff’s school; and has one more to go.

Sheriff Binkley will see to it that what’s important to you, will be vigilantly protected. Not just stuff, but your treasured loved ones. We have a great and dedicated SRO team who are in every school and take their mission seriously, even while being goofy with your young babies.

Deputies showed up at the residence in an attempt to serve a criminal warrant. The “person of wants” was gone but standing in their way was a 300 pound “pig of interest.” The swine, later identified as “Cuddles“ confronted the servants with a snooty attitude and squealed what was quickly identified as filthy pig latin language.

“The Deputy who stopped me at 3am that morning never knew, he actually saved my life.”
-anonymous Cheatham citizen

What gives criminal thugs and thieving thugettes “a deer in the headlights” look?
Maybe they now understand what’s going to happen if they break in and take away what you worked so hard for.

What is the one thing that stands in their way? (except the black muzzle of a homeowner’s gun barrel pointed between their eyes.)

Our Cheatham deputies, city police officers, investigators, and of course, all good citizens who support us!

Because career criminals now understand what one inmate who was recently recorded,
“Those Cheatham cops, they ain’t playin round y’all.”

One well-known repeat offender was talking to his mother from jail, complaining about the sheriff and his “stupid ass determine-nation to make Cheatham safe.” His mother replied, “Yeah, I knew he was an A-hole the first time I saw a picture of him.” Her son replied, “Hell yeah momma, but the jail cooking is better than I ever had.” Momma retorted, “you little turd, I ain’t sending you no more money!” Momma hung up on her Baby Bubba.

The last two weeks have been anything but ordinary in Cheathamville. A violent home invasion had the grisly ingredients of pointed guns, a relentless beating, bindings, shooting, and leaving the victim in a gas-doused, excruciating fire. The victim survived.

cheatham sheriff
From Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office FB

Thankfully, these criminal thugs are now experiencing our bindings. (All persons involved were later convicted and now serving long prison sentences.)

PRESENT DAY August 19, 2022: It’s been a busy week with deputies answering all calls for service. We apologize to any of you who had to wait longer than expected. Cheatham is growing fast and the requests for help are increasing more than ever for all emergency services.

Please continue to support your servants while they get to you as soon as they can.
Because we love you, Team Cheatham!


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