Cheatham Middle Schools Hiring Education Assistant, Librarian


Cheatham County Schools is currently hiring for two positions within their district.

Librarian at Sycamore High School

  • The teacher must work cooperatively with children and adults; be able to successfully manage student behavior, and follow directions; protect the confidentiality rights of parents and children; support child safety and good self-esteem; model appropriate grammar usage; communicate effectively; possess, use, and continue to develop teaching skills which result in expected student achievement. The teacher must be punctual and consistent in attendance. The teacher must dress in a manner appropriate to the profession.

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Middle School General Education Assistant at Cheatham Middle School

  • This education assistant must work cooperatively with adults and children. Must follow directions. Must read and write sufficiently for assisting children. Must protect confidentiality rights of parents and children. Must model appropriate grammar usage. Must support safety and good self-esteem in children. Must be punctual and regular in attendance. Experience with groups of children may be helpful but not required. Light clerical skills may be helpful but not required.

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