Loretta Lynn’s Ranch Loses Foreman to Flooding

photo from Loretta Lynn\'s Ranch

Last weekend’s floods claimed the life of Wayne Spears, the foreman for Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, located in Hurricane Mills in Humphreys County. Like many other places in Humphreys County, Loretta Lynn’s Ranch experienced extensive flooding.

In a social media post, Loretta Lynn shared, “There are no words at the ranch today…only tears. Our ranch family is our family. We lost my amazing ranch foreman, Wayne in this devastating flood. He took such good care of things here on the ranch for us. He’s one of us and the whole Lynn family Is heartbroken. Please pray for his precious family and friends.”

Lorretta Lynn’s Ranch also shared about Spears stating, “With the heaviest of hearts we are saddened to report that our beloved foreman Wayne Spears did not survive being swept up in the floodwaters. Wayne has been a family friend to the Lynns and a fixture to the Ranch for decades and we are all devastated by his passing.”

“The Ranch will never be the same without him but he will always be remembered for his ready smile, kind heart, and willingness to go the extra mile for everyone around him. Eventually, we’ll rebuild our community, our ranch, our lives, and our homes. but only God could build a man like Wayne Spears. There’s just no replacing that,” they continued.

In a video shared on the ranch’s Facebook page, they show how the floodwaters surrounded the property with the main road on the ranch completely gone before you reach the bridge.

Spears is one of 30 victims claimed by the high floodwaters. The Red Cross is providing shelter to those in the area who have been displaced.

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