Nashville Ballet Presents Live in Studio A:Five Short Stories

photo from Nashville Ballet

Nashville Ballet invites the community to experience five amazing stories with Live in Studio A: Five Short Stories. These performances will take place at The Martin Center for Nashville Ballet (3036 Redmond, Nashville) from May 17-19 and May 22-23, 2024.

Featuring five brand-new works, this series will take audiences through amazing stories, feelings and perspectives within the beauty and athleticism of dance. From a personal journey of life, a haunting tale of madness, a connection of kindred spirits, to finding dance in your heart, each story will find a place in your soul.

“Five Short Stories is the opportunity for our audiences to see the true nature of Nashville Ballet on display,” said Nick Mullikin, Artistic Director and CEO, Nashville Ballet. “We are excited to continue the tradition of telling stories, while providing a space for fostering creativity from within.”

The series will include music and new works by Julia Eisen, Aeron Buchanan, Anneliese Guerin and Imani Sailers, plus a world premiere by Artistic Director and CEO, Nick Mullikin.

Special thanks to Amazon and Erie Insurance for sponsoring this production. Tickets are on sale now and include an open bar and parking. Find tickets here. 

Live in Studio A: 5 Short Stories Recap

Story 1: Where We Were Supposed to Be
*World Premiere

Choreography by Artistic Director and CEO Nick Mullikin
Music by Johannes Brahms, Cristina Spinei, Robert Schumann, Madi Diaz
Costume Design by Mycah Kennedy and Nick Mullikin
Lighting Design by Christopher Mount

Choreographer’s Note: The relationship we have with our partner can at times be a good metaphor for our approach to life. Where We Were Supposed to Be is as much about the relationship we see on stage between the two couples, as it is about ourselves and the choices we make when we are not able to admit what we truly want in life for fear of what we are supposed to be doing.

Story 2: The Yellow Wallpaper
*World Premiere

Choreography by Julia Eisen
Music by Florence Beatrice Price
Costume Design by Mycah Kennedy and Julia Eisen
Lighting Design by Christopher Mount
Scenic Design by Eric Gamez and Julia Eisen

Choreographer’s Note: The Yellow Wallpaper is a haunting tale of a woman’s descent into madness, described by author Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Narrated through the journal entries of the protagonist, it follows her struggle against societal constraints and her husband’s oppressive control. Confined to a room with yellow wallpaper, she becomes obsessed with its pattern, seeing figures trapped within its intricate design. As her mental state deteriorates, the wallpaper becomes a symbol of her own entrapment and eventual liberation. Through vivid imagery and psychological insight, Gilman’s story explores themes of female autonomy and mental health.

Story 3: A Moment In Time
*World Premiere

Choreography by Anneliese Guerin
Music by Devin Farrell
Costume Design by Mycah Kennedy and Anneliese Guerin
Lighting Design by Christopher Mount

Choreographer’s Note: A Moment in Time was created with the inspiration of an instantaneous connection. It plays off the phrase “right person, wrong time” or the idea of kindred spirits. It portrays the possibility of speaking to that one person you pass on the way to work every day. How the relationship could grow if only one of you took the chance. I collaborated with my dear friend, musician and composer, Devin Farrell, on the music for this work and she created three beautiful pieces.

Story 4: Distinguishing Features
*World Premiere

Choreography by Aeron Buchanan
Music by David Lang, Marcelo Zarvos, Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm
Costume Design by Mycah Kennedy and Aeron Buchanan
Lighting Design by Christopher Mount

Choreographer’s Note: When the season had started, I already had a concept in my mind for what I wanted to do for this program. A couple weeks had passed, and I was seeing such amazing and different kinds of qualities from the people that I get to dance with. I then decided to scrap my idea and make a piece that shows the dancers in their own unique way.

Story 5: The Red Shoes
*World Premiere

Choreography by Imani Sailers
Music by Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy and Jennifer Higdon
Costume Design by Mycah Kennedy and Imani Sailers
Lighting Design by Christopher Mount

Choreographer’s Note: This piece is dedicated to those for whom dance is like a fever. Best said by Hans Christian Anderson: “Dance you shall,” said he, “dance in your red shoes till you are pale and cold, till your skin shrivels up and you are a skeleton! Dance you shall, from door to door, and where proud and wicked children live you shall knock, so that they may hear you and fear you! Dance you shall, dance!”

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