Nautical Boat Club: Exploring Middle Tennessee’s Premier Boating Country Club


Do you love adventuring out into the waters of Middle Tennessee? Don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of maintaining your own boat? Are you looking for a new family outing that doesn’t break the bank and can satisfy everyone? We have the answer for you!

Nestled amidst the rolling hills and picturesque landscapes of Middle Tennessee lies a hidden gem for boating and adventure enthusiasts – Nautical Boat Club

Considered America’s first and only “Boating Country Club,” Nautical Boat Club offers a haven for seasoned sailors and newcomers alike. The club also provides convenience for every sailing and water activity, including water sports, fishing, sightseeing, and sunbathing. With the help and guidance of the expert staff at Nautical Boat Club, you can find everything you need for an adventurous excursion or a leisurely cruise at sunset.

Locations Across Middle Tennessee

Nautical Boating Club offers five convenient locations for residents of Middle Tennessee: 

These locations offer adventure seekers a variety of journeys to embark upon. From the tranquil waters of Percy Priest Lake to the meandering currents of the Cumberland River, each location offers a unique blend of serenity and excitement. 

Benefits of Nautical Boat Club

Beyond the relief of avoiding personal vessel maintenance, the charm of the Nautical Boat Club lies in its seamless experience. Upon arrival for your reservation, the club’s concierge-style service warmly welcomes you to a prepped and primed boat, ready for your immediate enjoyment. The club also maintains a commitment to fostering a vibrant community of boating enthusiasts. Members come together to share their passion for the water, forging lasting friendships and memories against the backdrop of Middle Tennessee’s stunning landscape.

Multiple Boat Club Membership Options

For those looking to dip their toes into the world of boating, Nautical Boat Club offers a range of membership options tailored to fit every lifestyle and budget. With access to top-of-the-line vessels and expert guidance from their team of experts, newcomers can embark on their maritime journey with confidence and ease.

A Boating Club that Cares

Beyond the thrill of adventure, the club also prides itself on its dedication to environmental stewardship. Through various initiatives and partnerships, members can actively participate in preserving the natural beauty of the waterways they call home. From various clean-up efforts to educational programs, the club strives to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the splendor of Middle Tennessee’s aquatic landscapes.

Set Sail Into Middle Tennessee’s Maritime Adventure with Nautical Boat Club this Summer!

As the sun sets on another day at Nautical Boat Club, one thing remains abundantly clear – the spirit of adventure knows no bounds in Middle Tennessee. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice on the water, there’s no better way to experience the region’s natural beauty and fun than from the deck of a boat. So cast off your worries, set sail, and let the waters of Middle Tennessee be your guide.

For a truly unique experience that saves money and makes for a more enjoyable boating experience, check out Nautical Boat Club’s great membership program. Get your membership started online today! Call (615) 232-9100 for more information.

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