Pat Boone Films Music Video at Capitol Theatre in Lebanon

photo by Justin Renfroe

Pat Boone recently released his latest music video, “Grits,” directed by Preston Leatherman for Tuff Contender.

Shot against the backdrop of the historic Capitol Theatre in Lebanon, Tennessee, the video showcases Pat Boone line dancing to the infectious track. Adding to the dynamic visuals, the video features the remarkable choreography of Jamie Marshall, known for her exceptional talent and creativity. Marshall is joined by dancers from across the Southeast, who bring their energy and passion to the performance. Fans can immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere of the Capitol Theatre and enjoy the vibrant display of dance in the video.

“Grits” is an ode to the Southern food staple, extolling its virtues and superiority over other fancy foods such as escargot and pâté. The catchy chorus expresses gratitude for growing up in the country and enjoying hearty dishes like turnip greens and black-eyed peas, with the singer insisting that nothing beats the satisfaction of a warm bowl of grits.

The video features country music stars Ray Stevens, The Gatlin Brothers, Lorrie Morgan, Deborah Allen, and country legend Roger Miller’s son, Dean Miller.

“Filming the music video for ‘Grits’ was a true delight,” expresses Boone. “I wanted to bring the spirit of the song to life visually, and Preston Leatherman did an outstanding job directing the video. Line dancing was the perfect choice to complement the infectious energy of the track. Jamie’s exceptional talent and creativity added an extra layer of excitement to the video. It was wonderful to see dancers from across the Southeast come together for a good time.”

Boone runs his own record company, The Gold Label, designed for legendary artists with certifiable talent, all with million-selling gold records to their credit. Debby Boone, Glen Campbell, Jack Jones, Cleo Laine, Patti Page, Sha Na Na, The Ventures, Roger Williams, and others (as well as Boone himself) all lived up to the Founder’s Maxim. More than 30 Gold Label albums have been released to date, and the label is now 20 years old.

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