TDOT to Improve I-24 With SMART Corridor Project


TDOT is currently developing the Interstate 24 SMART Corridor Project, which takes a comprehensive approach to managing the existing infrastructure and improving travel time reliability between Rutherford and Davidson Counties.

I-24 is an integral part of the Nashville-Davidson County transportation network and a major route for commuters and freight. Since 2005, traffic volumes have increased by more than 60 percent in the Murfreesboro-Rutherford County segments of l-24. Further widening of the interstate is not financially feasible, nor will it solve the congestion issues along the corridor.

The I-24 SMART Corridor project will integrate freeway and arterial roadway elements, along with physical, technological, and operational improvements, to provide drivers accurate, real-time information and to actively manage traffic.

The I-24 SMART Corridor pairs I-24 with State Route 1 (US 70/Murfreesboro Road) using connector routes. The project includes:

  • Approximately 28 miles along I-24, from Exit 53 (I-440) in Metro Nashville-Davidson County to Exit 81 (SR 10/US 231) in the City of Murfreesboro
  • Approximately 28.5 miles along SR-1 (Murfreesboro Road), from I-24 in Metro Nashville-Davidson County to SR 10/US 231 in the City of Murfreesboro
  • Approximately 30 miles of connector routes between I-24 and SR-1

Physical improvements will be made along the existing I-24 corridor including extending ramp lengths, adding emergency pull-offs, and installing ramp meters. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) features will also be deployed to upgrade signals and optimize signal timing on SR 1 and the connector routes and to provide information boards on both I-24 and SR 1.

The project will be completed in phases in partnership with local municipalities, law enforcement, and transit and planning organizations.

Click here to learn more about Phase 2 lane control gantry construction.

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