What is Nautical Boat Club?


As spring nears and warm weather starts to arrive, there’s nothing more appealing than spending the next few months on a boat.

Owning a boat is expensive and requires a lot of upkeep even in the offseason, which can cost you even more. Nautical Boat Club provides the joys of boating without the expense and all the dirty work that comes with ownership. Nautical Boat Club is America’s favorite–and only–Boating Country Club.

About Nautical Boat Club

Nautical Boat Club provides you with boat access without the hassle of ownership. With a membership, you and your family get private access to a diverse selection of boats, complimentary use of water toys, dockside valet service, and club events. You can use your membership at any of the locations throughout the United States, so if you’re ever on vacation and are in the mood for a boat day, it’s already paid for by your membership!

You pay a one-time membership fee along with monthly dues. Exact pricing varies by location but will end up being about a third of the cost of owning a boat, and you get a wide selection of boats to choose from while not having to deal with any of the maintenance.

What To Do On Your Boat Day

Nautical Boat Club is great for both adults and kids. You can invite some of your friends and spend the day relaxing on a tri-toon boat or grab some of the water toys offered and go skiing and tubing behind a sportboat.

If you’re into fishing, you can also take the boat out to a quiet spot and grab a fresh catch. If you find something good and within the legal parameters, feel free to take it home and cook it up for dinner!

New to Boating

Don’t feel like you can’t enjoy Nautical Boat Club if you don’t have any experience driving a boat. They provide a boat safety course to teach any newcomers the ins and outs of all things boating. It’s a hands-on course taught by trained professionals, and they will remain with you until you are comfortable steering the boat on your own.

Nautical Boat Club

If you’re interested in getting a Nautical Boat Club membership, reach out today by calling (615) 232-9100. There are five locations in the Middle Tennessee area that each fall on a different body of water to make it easy for you to enjoy your vacation in a multitude of areas.

Nautical Boat Club Cookeville

Center Hill Lake

Nautical Boat Club Hendersonville

Old Hickory Lake

Nautical Boat Club Nashville

Percy Priest Lake

Nautical Boat Club West Nashville

Cumberland River

Nautical Boat Club Winchester

Tim’s Ford Lake

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