WSM Radio Inside Opryland Hotel Announces Move to a New Studio

photo by Jim Wood

WSM Radio currently resides inside the Opryland Hotel. The famed radio station that began in 1925, home to the Grand Ole Opry, is moving a little closer to the Opry House.

Stating on social media, “WE’RE MOVING! Beginning, in July, WSM will broadcast from state-of-the-art studios currently under construction in the Roy Acuff House on the Opry Plaza.”

Fans have been able to watch the broadcast inside the Opryland Hotel. That tradition will continue at the Roy Acuff House, which sits at the Opry Plaza, just steps away from the Opry’s front doors. A screen will project the broadcast to the plaza for attendees to watch.

Nashville Business Journal reports that the hotel is also undergoing renovations. A new 550-seat sports bar will replace the Jack Daniel’s restaurant, and the Governor’s Ballroom and the Presidential Pre-Function area will be upgraded.

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