Dish Up a Family Favorite for National Pot Pie Day


Chicken Pot Pie for dinner is an absolute family favorite. The rich, buttery crust contains a delicious, comforting chicken dinner that is simply heaven. Pot Pie is the ultimate combination of comfort and convenience food: a cozy, warm meal prepared in a single pie dish.

Make your family’s night with the perfect pickup from Papa C Pies on Pot Pie Day this September 23. You’ll be pleased knowing that dinner’s ready to go, and your family will love tucking into this fall favorite.

Learn more about how Papa C Pies makes their signature Chicken Pot Pie:

We start with nourishing, quality ingredients

chicken pot pie

Getting the kids to eat their vegetables will be easy on Pot Pie Night! They’ll love the taste of the chicken stew we prepare for the pot pie base. We simmer carrots, green beans, corn, and lima beans in a rich chicken stock with rosemary and thyme. The chicken in our chicken pot pie is all white meat for a lighter, tastier bite.

We prepare a delicious, flaky crust

chicken pot pie

The crust makes all the difference in a pot pie. A crisp, flaky texture with buttery delicious flavor is the perfect pairing with the softer stewed filling of a chicken pot pie. We layer a second crust on top and seal it with extra butter for a crumbly, toasted border.

Then we bake until the top is golden brown, and dinner is served!

chicken pot pie

All of our savory pies, including our chicken pot pie, are pre-baked, so you simply need to reheat and serve. It makes dinner time easy for you and delightful for your family. We also make a vegetable pot pie for those nights when you crave something a little lighter.

Comfort food meets convenience.

When you think of pie, you might only think of dessert. But, at Papa C Pies, we offer several savory pies your family will love for a cozy meal this fall. For National Pot Pie Day, try one of our savory pies with a Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. They come in two sizes so that you can plan for the appropriate number of servings. Our pot pie is only available for local pickup, but you can order ahead for same-day pickup at our bakery.

Visit our bakery at 99 Seaboard Lane, Suite 100, in Brentwood, TN 37027. We’re open Monday through Saturday and closed Sunday. Give us a call at 615-414-3435 or order online today!

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