Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space this Summer with Key Home Projects


The buzzing of cicadas outdoors might be overwhelming, but all their noise does signal one crucial thing: Summer will be here before we know it! Make the most of your outdoor living space this year with key home improvement projects that help you enjoy the outdoors all summer long. 

Don’t settle for a boring backyard; create a backyard oasis that extends your living space with strategic home improvements from the professionals at The Concrete Gentlemen. With beautiful stamped concrete pathways and decks, custom masonry work, or hardscaping, you can add beautiful details to your home that you’ll love for decades to come! 

Learn more about the decorative home projects that can help you make the most of your outdoor living space this summer:

Hardscaping – What is It?

We’ve all heard of landscaping, but an equally important term to consider for your backyard oasis is hardscaping! Hardscaping encompasses all the non-living parts of your outdoor living spaces, such as walking paths, pavers, decking, patios, or retaining walls. It helps shape your backyard into a usable living space that is as beautiful as it is useful. 

When you partner with The Concrete Gentlemen for your hardscaping project, they can help bring these spaces to life to create backyard magic. Picture a cozy fire pit and conversation area, winding pathways through your garden, or a beautiful concrete patio for grilling out or enjoying the summer nights. Whatever you dream up for your backyard, The Gentlemen can help bring to life!

Custom Masonry and Stone Work – Function Meets Beauty!

Incorporate stone and masonry work into your exterior living spaces to build lasting structures that add function to your backyard oasis. Stone and brickwork are lasting materials that can be incorporated into retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, pathways, or even seating areas. These natural materials can be laid in patterns or left to more organic shapes, building the aesthetically pleasing look that you prefer. 

The Concrete Gentlemen are experts with custom masonry and stonework and have extensive experience building retaining walls that elevate your exterior. When creating a retaining wall in your backyard, there are many choices for colors, materials, patterns, and styles. Whether you are simply looking for a beautiful accent to differentiate your space, support for soil in a sloped backyard space, or a functional structure to facilitate proper drainage, a retaining wall constructed by professionals can be a key addition to your home.

Stamped Concrete – How Can You Use It In Your Backyard?

Create a unique outdoor living space that matches your family’s distinctive lifestyle needs. Stamped concrete will enhance the beauty of your home and help you enjoy the outdoors with virtually endless possibilities. Stamped concrete is a striking concrete application that mimics the appearance of natural materials like wood, stone, or brick with the durability and versatility of concrete. 

With expert installation from a concrete contractor like The Concrete Gentlemen, you’ll have a beautiful stamped concrete project that will last for decades with proper maintenance. Imagine a stamped concrete patio for an outdoor kitchen, a seating area to relax outdoors, or an upgraded stamped concrete pool deck and patio space for an impressive, lasting backyard oasis.

Create Concrete Magic with The Concrete Gentlemen

From intricately stamped concrete to structural work, The Concrete Gentlemen are your top choice for concrete contractor services in Middle Tennessee. The gentlemen treat your home as respectfully as their own and provide exceptional customer service. 

With over 30 years of experience, The Concrete Gentlemen have the skill to deliver any project you can imagine. Explore their gallery of finished work for inspiration for your home. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your home with their concrete magic, call 931-563-2187 to speak with the gentlemen today! 

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