Selecting the Right Internet Speed: How Much Bandwidth Do You Need?


One of the most frequently asked questions of an internet service provider is: “What internet speed do I really need?”

The bandwidth provided in various service packages is a frequently misunderstood aspect of purchasing home internet since most of us aren’t aware of how data is consumed across devices. If you feel like you might not be getting the most out of your internet package, here are some helpful tips for understanding which internet speed you actually need:

1. Understand the difference between internet speed and bandwidth.

Internet speed refers to how fast data is capable of traveling into your home. Bandwidth refers to the volume of data that can be accessed at any given time. For instance, your internet speed determines how well your television can stream Netflix, and your bandwidth determines how many family members can use additional devices as the first device streams. All those devices and sites will upload and download data that affects your usage.

2. Know how many devices your service package needs to support.

A family of four with two teenagers has a different level of device connection than someone who lives alone and only needs to support their individual devices. Every phone, iPad, streaming television, computer, Ring device, etc. added to your account will need bandwidth to support it. Planning your internet speed to accommodate your current and future needs will help you get the most out of your service package.

You can assess the bandwidth you need with a customer service representative from your provider or a virtual bandwidth calculator like this one.

3. Learn about internet speed ranges available.

While every internet service provider will have some differences, your provider will typically have a range of internet speed tiers available. Most packages are selected as a balance between budget and performance, but it’s important to pick a speed tier that will leave room for growth as devices are added or usage changes.

Here is a helpful guide from local telecommunications company United Communications for how your online activities and devices are used across various internet speed tiers:


United Communications: The Right Provider for the Right Internet Speed

With more than 75 years of serving Middle Tennessee residents, United Communications is an industry-leading internet service provider with an exceptional customer experience team ready to guide you through selecting the right internet service package for your home or business. Explore more today by checking out their service availability or starting a chat online with their team.

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